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Artist Statement



Most of my work begins with spontaneous drawing as a process for idea generation or discovery.  The intention is to open the possibility for intuition - intuition as Carl Jung defined it, ‘perception via the unconscious’.   Mostly I don’t know where the drawing will take me.  It requires a prolonged state of wonderment and often a precarious restraint.   The work must retain some mystery or it is lost to me.


In the paintings, the drawing process is wild and I use layers of gesso as and editing tool.  Works on paper the drawing process is much more tentative early on, with layers of ghostly drawing that can be, and often are, thoroughly erased.  Ideas in relation to this working process are peripheral and fluid.  The evolution of the forms retains a necessary ambiguity of meaning; not being exactly one thing, but also a certainty that it must be something. 


What excites me is the dialogs or interactions between the visual forms.  My canvases have a tendency to boil with energy, rhythm and movement.  They are epic moments.




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