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Jason Adkins was raised in the small California logging town of Hayfork where he receive a most valuable education playing on the banks of wild rivers and in endless mountain woods.  He left Hayfork in 1992 to study at Walla Walla University where he had his first real introduction to art through a study-abroad program that took him to Spain for a year.  Upon returning he completed a BA in Spanish from Walla Walla University and then continued to get a BFA in paint from California State University, Chico and an MFA in Pictorial arts from San Jose State University.  Since then Jason has work as an artist and educator, showing his work regionally and teaching at Colleges and Universities in the Bay Area.


Jason Adkins work includes large scale paintings and drawings that respond in part to the excess of modern visual gluttony; A churning cauldron of organic form and vibrant color that threatens to swamp the viewer.  Often titled with Biblical themes that connote epic or apocalyptic ruin, the paintings non-the-less exude a revelry and fecundity that are a celebration and affirmation of life.


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